JobSeeker and JobKeeper running out

October 02, 2020

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that in these tough times of COVID -19, Australian government has been trying to keep the economy floating by providing JobSeeker and JobKeeper grants to Australians and this helicopter money is now going to slow down. But Don’t worry about time and funding running out for JobSeeker and JobKeeper. There is a grant which is still going strong, and getting stronger – Gig Economy It’s the Gig economy grant where many people have started generating surplus cash by doing the things they love or have an experience to do and some have turned this into a full time gig saying goodbye to their bosses. And there’s plenty of my money on the table right now. Go to ---> to find out more This grant can actually generate enough cash beyond imagination once you know how to use it. And you can come back over and over again and get more grants by doing what you know or like to do. Best of all … You don’t need to CV You don’t need an Interview You don’t need to do what you don’t want to do All you have to do is join and pick the task that you would like to do (yes even during these tough times) and do a good job at it. If you are good at it, you can earn badges and ranking which can help you secure recurring tasks so this will turn into a revenue stream of its own. Listen. Government grants come and go. But on the other hand, creating your own income stream like this could change your life. Find out how you can access by going to

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