House moving can be affordable

October 02, 2020

Let's be honest, house moving in Australia can get expensive. On the low end, it can cost in the hundreds but on the high end, you could pay $5,000 or more.

Obviously, that’s not feasible for everyone — especially if you have just handed over a huge chunk of cash for a down payment (and have a hefty mortgage payment in your immediate future). Fortunately, not all moves will break the bank, at least if you’re willing to get creative. Want to save on the costs of your upcoming move? These 3 tips can help.

1. Get rid of unused items before moving

Still, have that bulky chair you don't use anymore? You know what I am talking about. Moving items you’ll never use is just a waste of time, effort, and money, so before you even begin your moving process, make it a point to remove the items you don't need anymore. Go through each closet, cabinet, and drawer, and really think about what you use, what you have a connection to, and what really has a place in your life. 

Get rid of anything that you no longer use, need, or want. That could mean dropping off a donation at the local Salvation Army or Vinnies, or it could mean heading to a re-sale shop, setting up a garage sale, or selling some items on Facebook Marketplace. In some cases, it may even mean throwing some items out entirely. Finding an affordable removalist can save you a lot of money. Make sure to compare the quotes on the Nextask app and choose the best.

2. Shop Around for House Movers

If you’re using professional movers, never choose the company listed on top of google results. Why? Because they are paying Google to be listed on the top. It doesn't mean they are the best. Get at least three or four quotes. Find out what they charge for vans and equipment, how many movers they come with, and how long they expect your move to take. Also, ask them if they have insurance just in case your precious items are damaged in transit. You should also factor in any gas or mileage costs, as well as extra fees for things like furniture pads, dollies, etc. These will all play a role in your overall costs to move.

3. Time it Right

Another thing to consider when using professional movers is the timing of your move. Moving companies tend to be the busiest on the weekends and at the very beginning of the month (most people buy new homes at the very end of the month). If you can try to time your move outside of these periods, you’ll save money on their services. Aim for a midweek move, ideally mid-month, if you really want to lower your expenses.

If you have the flexibility to postpone your move for a few months, try to avoid moving in peak season, which is generally May through August. The majority of families try to move before school gets back in. If you can wait until school has started (or better yet, until winter) you’ll probably save even more on your move once all is said and done.

House Moving Can be Affordable

It’s easy to control your moving costs if you compare the quotes and choose the right professionals and get the timing right. Also, don't forget to use the coupon codes for the best discount possible.

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