How we can help?

Here are a few tips you can follow to complete tasks safely on Nextask;

  • Ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you can meet expectations and
  • Choose a profile photo that clearly show your face.
  • Share your task details and location with your friends or family.
  • If you feel unsafe please get in contact with us. If you ever feel like you are in danger call emergency 000.

Verification badges are given to Taskers when they help us confirm their skills and identity. There’s a whole range of different badges available. These cover mobile number, facebook, google, ID Verification, Builder License, Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance (as well as many others).

You can apply for these by tapping your "Profile" and then "Acquire Badges". Some badges require you to submit additional documents i.e. Builder's certificate. The verification process can take up to one week. We strongly recommend adding as many badges to your profile as possible. It helps you gain trust of posters, stand out among the competition and win more jobs.

Once you have completed the task, you can request the payment by providing completion notes and any images of the completed task. We will then notify the poster that you have completed the task. Once the Poster has confirmed and released the payment from their side, it can take approximately 7 days for the funds to reach your registered bank account. This is due to our payment provider Stripe verifying each payout account.

After making an offer you will be able to see your offer listed on the Task details page, in the "Offers" tab. If your offer hasn’t yet been accepted, you can withdraw your offer.

If you have already been assigned to the Task, and you are unable to complete the task due to genuine personal reasons then we recommend that you notify the poster first and try re-scheduling the task using in-app chat feature. If that fails then withdraw your offer from top menu in task details screen by providing a reason. These details will then be reviewed by a Nextask admin. Frequent cancellations and complaints may affect your profile rating and ability to find more work on the platform.

In order to edit your offer price, simply withdraw your current offer and re-submit a new offer through the Task of which you wish to complete.

You’ll be able to do this so long as the Task status is “Open” and it has not been assigned to anyone. 

You can add task alert from your profile in app and website so that we can let you know about Tasks as soon as they are posted. This is completely free and you can turn them on/off anytime.

From your account settings, tap "Setup Task Alerts" and select the task categories.

Select the Browse tab in nextask mobile app or website and choose the Task you want to complete.

Then select the “Make an Offer” button at the bottom of screen. If this is your first offer then we will require following verification information from you:

  • First and Last name
  • DOB
  • Mobile number
  • Bank BSB and Account Number
  • Profile Image
  • Identity Document (front and back image of passport or driver's license)
  • Billing Address


After providing the details above, you can specify the offer price and a comment for the poster to let them know why you are the best person for the job. This can include your skills, experience, insurance and the tools you can bring. This comment will be automatically populated from About Me section in your profile settings.

That's it! Once the offer has been made we will notify the poster. If they choose your offer then you will also receive a notification on your phone (it's important to keep the Nextask notifications turned on to get all the important notifications).

Before placing an offer on any Task within the platform, the information from a Tasker that we require are as follows;

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Profile Image
  • Identity Document (front and back image of passport or driver's license)

These are all required so that we can keep our community as safe as possible, and pay you correctly once you complete any Tasks.

Once you finish a Task, it’s essential to leave an honest and fair review of your experiences.

That way all Nextask users can get a true impression when making their own decisions to work with others in the future.

After completing the Task, you’ll be able to select the “Rate Tasker” button and leave a star rating as well as some feedback.

Adding photos;

While posting your Task, don't forget to add as many photos as possible so that Taskers are better able to provide an accurate offer for the task at hand.

Set a realistic budget;

Remember to set a realistic budget so that your Tasker feels as though the Task is worth doing. Most taskers charge between $25-$70 per hour depending on their skills and experience.

Posting a clear description;

In order to post a Task, we require you to add a description. We recommend providing as much of a description as possible including measurements, required equipment, times etc.

Choose the right category;

By selecting the right category, you're alerting the Taskers who have previously set up alerts that your Task needs completing.


Review a Taskers profile;

A Taskers profile is extremely important. Be sure to review the user's verification badges and reviews from previous Tasks both completed and posted. We also provide every user with a "Rating" which averages the users total reviews. 5.0 is the highest star rating possible.

Promo codes are an easy way to save money on your tasks. From time to time Nextask will release promo codes for its Users. These codes can be applied when you are accepting an offer. Eligible promo codes will automatically be displayed when you click on the "Coupons Available" link in-app and website.



To protect your safety and security, disclosure of private contact details or third party links are not allowed to be shared in any public areas of the Nextask platform including any comments and attachments.

This includes business websites, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, personal emails, phone numbers, addresses or personal websites.

This is for the purpose of your safety and privacy and to prevent spam.

If you are found to be communicating in this way, you may be ban from using Nextask.

You can only send private messages if your Task has been assigned. This allows you to exchange contact information with the Tasker/Poster and arrange the finer details about the Task.

To reach your private messages tap 'Chat' from bottom menu.

Private messages are not available before a Task has been assigned, however Taskers/Posters can ask questions and respond in the public comments area of a Task.

Our payment system “Stripe” is secure, reliable and convenient.

Stripe conducts business for many currencies and major digital corporations worldwide. All Nextask data is safely encrypted to ensure your privacy. Your data is protected to the highest standards.

Tap the "Profile" icon at bottom right corner of app. Once there, tap "Payment methods". From here you’ll be able to edit your credit card details to pay for tasks and bank account information if you wish to complete tasks and receive payments.

Once your Task has been completed and you’re happy with the service you’ve received, tap the “My Task” icon and select the Task which you want to release the payment for.

Once selected, tap the “Release Payment” button.

After this process is carried out, we will then transfer the funds securely directly to your Tasker.

You will then be able to leave a review for your Tasker.

Nextask connects you to skilled people, and we use a payment process that keeps it fair for everyone. Once you have accepted an offer we securely hold your payment until the Task is complete. When the task is completed successfully, you can then release the payment to the Tasker. If the Tasker does a poor job or doesn’t show up, we can refund the payment to you.

After accepting an offer you can Increase the task price by tapping on the "Increase Price" button. If you need to reduce the task price please get in touch with

In order to cancel your Task, simply select the “My Tasks” menu and click on the Task. Once there, in the top right of the screen tap the cancel icon and you’ll be able to cancel your task.

In order to edit your Task, simply select the “My Tasks” menu and click on the Task you wish to edit. Once there, in the top right of the screen tap the edit icon and you’ll be able to edit your task.

There can be a couple of reasons why you didn't receive any offers on your task. Firstly, please make sure your task description is well written, you can also review the budget and photos. Secondly, there may not be enough taskers with required skills in your area. You can also reach out to who can help you find the right tasker.

It’s easy to assign a Tasker to your Task by simply reviewing the offers you’ve received and accepting your chosen Taskers offer.

When assigning a Tasker, look to see whether the Tasker's offer is acceptable to you and what their previous rating is. To view a Tasker's verification badges and previous reviews simply tap their profile picture - this will bring up their personal profile.

To review offers, select your Task in the “My Tasks” menu and scroll down to see which Taskers want to complete your Task. You will also receive a notification of any offers made (as long as your notifications are switched on).

Once the Task has been successfully assigned, you are able to communicate with the Tasker via our in app private messaging system. Tap 'Inbox' from your menu and then select 'Messages'.

Once you’ve posted your Task, it will be published publicly to the Tasker community on the Browse feed.

Taskers who are interested in completing your Task will make you offers on your Task.

Once you’ve reviewed and selected which Tasker is best suited to complete your Task, you can accept their offer.

Note: if you have not yet provided your credit/debit card details, you will be prompted to enter your card details. If you're using a building contractor or tradesperson for services such as residential building, wiring, plumbing, draining, gas fitting, air conditioning or refrigeration work (except plug in appliances), you should check that they have a valid contractor licence here

Your Task funds will then be securely held with our trusted payment provider Stripe until you mark your Task as completed, at which time we will automatically deposit the funds into your Taskers bank account.

You’re in full control of your funds, and only release them to the Tasker once your Task is completed.

When you post a Task, we ask you to set a budget to indicate how much you would like to spend.

This amount is simply a starting point and from here, Taskers will make an offer on your Task for an amount that they believe reflects the time, skill and work required to get your Task completed.

As a starting point consider the following:

  • How much time will it take the Tasker to complete the Task, and what is a fair hourly rate. We usually recommend $25 - $50 per hour  as a good starting point to then multiply by how long you think the Task will take.

In order to add photos to your Task, simply select the “My Tasks” menu and click on the Task you wish to edit. Once there, in the top right of the screen tap the edit icon and you’ll be able to add photos to your task.

It’s 100% free to post a Task and get offers sent directly to you. Simply select "Post" from the bottom menu.

Be clear in your description, time and budget as this helps Taskers know whether they have the skills and abilities to complete your Task. After your Task is posted, you will begin to receive offers from trusted Taskers.

Once you accept an offer, you’ll be able to communicate within Nextask with your Tasker via our private messaging system to arrange the finer details.

If you can’t remember your password, you can easily reset it any time.

Simply open nextask, and select the “Forgot Password?” option from the login screen.


Once you’ve entered the email address you registered with, we’ll send you a code which will allow you to reset your password.

To check or update your profile details (profile picture and bio), simply tap "Profile" from your side menu and then "Edit".


From this screen, you're able to upload or edit your profile picture and add a small bio about yourself and what you're skilled in.

Registering and creating an account on nextask is 100% free. Simply download the "nextask" app from the iOS/Google Play store, or head to

You’ll be able to register by either using your email address, your Facebook account or google account.


After entering an email address and password, be sure to complete your profile (first name/last name), and accept location services so that we can find Tasks or Taskers closest to you.


Once you're registered, you will be able to add details such as a display picture, bio and verification badges from your side menu by tapping "Profile".

We have a code of conduct for our Posters and Taskers, that you agree to when you create an account. Code of conduct has been created in line with the Terms and Conditions, and are in place to help all members have a fair, pleasant and safe experience on the platform.

You can start using nextask as soon as you’ve signed up and activated your account. However, there are some things you will be prompted to provide when you use certain features. This can include verifying your mobile number and providing your bank details or payment method so you can make and receive payments. Please be assured that all your details are secure and protected.

Sign up process is fast and simple. You can sign up using Facebook or Google account or email address. Head to to get started!

Signing up is free for anyone living in Australia - you just need to be over 18. If you’re completing tasks, you’ll also need to have legal working rights in Australia.

You can outsource any task on Nextask (must be permitted by law). Some of our top categories are:

Handyman, builder, cleaner, plumber, electrician, gardener, pet groomer, furniture assembly (and many more)

Nextask provides a free online platform in Australia that enables you to find an affordable and skilled handyman, builder, cleaner, plumber, electrician, gardener, pet groomer, administrator (and many more) in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. There are 3 simple steps to get your tasks completed on Nextask:


  • Post your task on Nextask app or website
  • Start reviewing the unlimited offers from skilled people near you
  • Choose the best person based on their experience, rating, reviews and offer price
  • Pay securely through Nextask once the task has been completed.


Nextask offers secure payments, free dispute resolution and a support team ready to help.

Taskers can apply for different badges based on their skills and qualifications. For example, a builder with builder's cerificate can apply for builder badge by uploading a copy of their certificate to Nextask app or website. Builder badge icon will b

Once you have found a task you want to complete, click on "Make an Offer" button. You will need to specify the offer price and describe to the poster why they should choose you. This is also a good place to talk about your experience and qualificati

Please try adjusting these filters - Price, distance and task category.

To keep our community safe and make secure payments, all taskers are required to provide their bank account, billing address, DOB and Photo of an Identity document (Front & Back of Driver's License or Passport) when they are making their first offer. Taskers can also add these details to their profile prior to making an offer.

Nextask operates all across Australia.

As a tasker you can setup task alerts by category and location. You can setup alerts in your Profile on Nextask mobile app or website.

Taskers need to get their own insurance. Depending on the type of task being completed taskers need to get the appropriate cover. Please talk to insurance brokers to get the right cover.

Taskers need to get their own insurance depending on the task they are completing.

Once the poster has released the payment in Nextask. Our payment provider can take up to 8 days to transfer funds to your bank account.

$1 - $10k per month depending on the type and number of tasks you complete.

All jobs. Handyman, cleaning to Home Renovations

It's free to signup no lock-in contract

Register for free on

Taskers can setup free alerts in mobile app and for different task categories.

It's simple. You can create a free account on Nextask mobile app or Find the task you want to complete and make a fixed price offer. Once the poster has accepted your task, you will be able to contact the poster, complete the tas

It's FREE to post a task. When you accept an offer from a service provider, the offer price is securely held in Nextask's payment gateway. Once the task has been completed, you can release the payment to the service provider. You are always in full control

Nextask is available throughout Australia. Just post your task for free and start getting offers from skilled service providers.

You can outsource any personal or business task from Nextask platform. From cleaning, gardening, furniture assembly, painting, home renovations to handy-person tasks, Nextask has you covered.

Once the task has been completed and the poster has released the payment, Nextask deducts a small service fee (percentage of the task price) from the payment before sending it to the tasker's nominated bank account. Please see service fee tiers on this page.


For transparency, we'd like to provide a little more context as to how these fees are spent and re-invested back into the Nextask community.



We continue to promote the Nextask platform to both Posters and Taskers. Re-investing in marketing provides more jobs for our community.


To keep the Nextask mobile app and website up to date and running smoothly we re-invest into our development resources. This also includes server costs for us to be able to stay "online".


Our support team is here to help you if you get stuck or if you have any questions. Send us your questions using the chat button on the website or email and we'll be in touch shortly. Include as much detail as you can, and provide screenshots/images if possible.

Payment processing:

We have partnered with Stripe to provide our community with the most secure payment processing escrow facility.


As with all Australian companies, we pay 10% tax on all service fees.

Please see the tiers on this page.

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