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Technology! love it or hate it, we need it. Whether you are browsing the internet, working from home or running a business, we all need computers and mobiles. Technology issues can cause a lot of frustration and you can't always just replace the device. Fortunately, some people have superpowers to fix them. Next time you encounter a technical issue, you can simply post your technical task on Nextask and start comparing the offers from IT specialists i.e. Superhumans.

Can IT services be provided remotely?

Yes, some IT services do not require the technician to be physically present. They can securely connect with your computer or mobile using tools like Teamviewer or Splashtop.


What services do they provide and how much do they cost?

The standard hourly rate for most IT service providers in Australia is $100+ per hour. Some jobs may take less time. Below we have compiled together a list of most common issues and their costs.


Computers and Laptops

Data Recovery - $150 - $200

Reset Windows Password - $30 - $50

Windows Re-install or Upgrade - $110

Virus or Malware Removal - $100 - $120

Diagnosis fee - $30 - $50

Laptop Screen Replacement - $100 - $120 plus cost of screen


Mobiles and Tablets

Screen Repair - $250 - $350

Other Repairs - $100 - $250


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